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Feedback from the College Ministry

One thing that I like to do at the end of each school year is to spend some time reflecting on the year of ministry with the college students. They share the ways that the church and ministry have been a blessing to them and the ways that others in the faith community have been...

THE WELL – Spring 2019 Class Audio

Broken Vessels: When Old Testament Lives Teach Gospel Truth | Mark Baur

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Money, Sex, and Paul | Steve Cloer

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Waiting for a Better Country: A Study of HebrewsBekah Vickers & Lindsey Garner


Ending Strong This Spring

The end of the spring semester in college ministry is kind of like trying to land a plane with no landing gear - you can get it to the ground, but it might not look pretty. In college life, the amount of offerings increases sharply when Spring rolls around, but often students have an underdeveloped understanding...

Busy Times at Southside

You may or may not realize it, but Southside is a busy place! Our building is constantly being used by a variety of different people and groups. During any given week our building may host Fort Worth ISD, Communities In Schools, Cenikor & other recovery programs, NICU Helping Hands, Hemphill Corridor Task Force, Fort Worth...

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