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Small Groups

We firmly believe that lasting life-change is most effectively fostered within the embrace of community.

Southside, a congregation united by hundreds of Partners in the Gospel, acknowledges the challenge of intimately sharing our lives with everyone. Therefore, we come together in Small Groups, creating spaces where genuine community can flourish.

Within the close-knit environment of Small Groups, individuals are personally equipped, develop profound care for others, and embark on a journey of authentic discipleship, deepening their relationships with God.

These gatherings take place in homes and various locations across the city.

Small Groups are not just about studying the Bible; they are about building community, sharing meals, and engaging in other activities together. It is a wonderful opportunity to connect on a more personal level.

Whether meeting on Sunday evenings or at other times, each Small Group maintains its unique schedule, providing flexibility for participants to engage in meaningful interactions at their own pace.

Join us on this transformative journey of growth and connection.

Join a Small Group, or start one in your area.

Bryan Barrett, H.O.P.E. Minister

Meet Bryan Barrett.

Bryan Barrett has served as our H.O.P.E. minister since 2021 and began overseeing Small Groups in 2022. He grew up in Fort Worth and served as our Youth Minister in the 1980s. He has occupied various ministry roles throughout his career. He is married to Susan and has three sons – John, Michael, and Jackson.