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HOPE stands for Heavenly Options for Pain and Emptiness

Life often doesn't go the way we would like.

Disappointment, discouragement, and failure can cause us to feel we have lost control. When pain and emptiness fill up our lives, we can seek healing or meaning in unhealthy people, places, and activities. We can be overcome by addiction and its dangerous consequences.

A Southside lady sharing a story of recovery at Day of Hope 2022

Recovery starts here.

Sundays | 11am
Wednesdays | 7pm

There is light in the darkness.

We believe the chains of addiction and sin can be broken, and we can find forgiveness, power, and freedom in Jesus. We believe he is the ultimate answer to pain and emptiness.

We offer a 12-step Christian addiction recovery support group, called H.O.P.E., for those struggling with pervasive sins like alcoholism, anger, pride, lust, and greed.

Let us help you find Heavenly Options for Pain and Emptiness (H.O.P.E.).

H.O.P.E. is a place to recover, belong, contribute, understand, be understood, and obtain a Spirit-filled life.

This group is open to anyone struggling with addiction. The majority of the group struggles with chemical addiction, so this is the main focus. Each person is encouraged to identify as a recovering addict or as a recovering sinner.

The main objective of this group is to provide an environment in which God can change lives and cause spiritual growth.

Bryan Barrett, H.O.P.E. Minister

Meet Bryan Barrett.

Bryan Barrett has served as our H.O.P.E. minister since 2021 and began overseeing Small Groups in 2022. He grew up in Fort Worth and served as our Youth Minister in the 1980s. He has occupied various ministry roles throughout his career. He is married to Susan and has three sons – John, Michael, and Jackson.