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Our Vision

Our vision is to be a church of mission, mercy, & transformation.


Since the first sin, God has been pursuing people to bring them back to himself and working to restore the world to its rightful state. God wants his people to join him in this mission. We strive to be actively engaged in calling the oppressed and lost to find rest in God.


God shows compassion and grace to people who are hurting. When Jesus was on earth, his ministry was overflowing with mercy. As his church, we want to care for, help, forgive, and love everyone who is in need.


God wants to change people, to reorient their hearts and lives around Jesus Christ. We seek to be a church that helps people to rebuild their lives around a new center – Jesus.

We believe God calls us to be a part of his story.

God’s Story

God created everything good and beautiful, but people disobeyed God and drove a wedge between him and us, damaging his perfect world. Instead of giving up on us, God promised to restore his relationship with us. To fulfill this promise, God became a person. In the form of Jesus Christ, God experienced life as we do and showed us how to live with God as our King. Jesus gave his life to restore our relationship with God and rose from the dead to cement God’s victory over sin and death.

Christians’ Role

Jesus’ followers are Christians, committed to fulfilling his message and mission, telling people about his redemptive work, and waiting for him to establish the new heaven and earth.

Southside’s Part

We believe we are part of God’s story. Despite Jesus’ redemptive work, the world still feels the effects of sin – pain, poverty, and heartache. We seek to carry out Jesus’ mercy mission and to be transformed along the way. We join other churches in seeking to restore the world to God, and we wait patiently for Jesus to repair all things.

Our Partners in the Gospel releasing balloons at our 125th Anniversary celebration in 2017

Our history dates back more than a century.

The Early Years

In 1892, the First Christan Church of Fort Worth planted what would become the Southside Church of Christ in a fast-growing area in South Fort Worth. Southside grew to over 1,000 Partners in the Gospel over the next few decades, and in 1959, Southside built our current building at 2101 Hemphill Street.

The Middle Years

During the 70s, Southside’s neighborhood began to change. Disinvestment led to poverty, escalating crime, and abandoned buildings. Rather than leaving our community, we chose to care for it. We developed ministries to serve our neighbors, including a food pantry, school store, prayer garden, addiction recovery group, and more.


Today, Southside is a diverse church—socially, racially, and generationally. We remain committed to our neighborhood and strive to be a church of mission, mercy, and transformation.