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Our Vision

Our vision is to be a church of mission, mercy, & transformation.


Since the first sin, God has been actively seeking to reconcile people to himself and restore our world to its intended harmony. We believe in joining God’s mission by extending an open invitation to the oppressed and lost and guiding them toward finding solace and restoration in God’s embrace.


In the footsteps of Jesus, whose ministry overflowed with compassion, we strive to emulate God’s boundless grace. At Southside, it is our mission to extend care, aid, forgiveness, and love to all those in need.


God desires to revolutionize lives, redirecting hearts and actions toward a new center—Jesus Christ. We aspire to be a community that supports individuals in rebuilding their lives, anchoring them in a fresh and transformative relationship with Jesus.

We believe God calls us to be a part of his story.

God’s Story

In the beginning, God fashioned a world of beauty and goodness. However, humanity’s disobedience fractured the harmonious connection between God and us, casting a shadow upon his perfect creation. Instead of forsaking us, God pledged to restore this severed bond. In pursuit of this promise, God took human form in Jesus Christ. Through Jesus, God experienced life as we do and showed us how to live with God as our king. Jesus sacrificially gave his life to mend our relationship with God, triumphantly rising from death, securing victory over sin and death.

Christians’ Role

Jesus’ followers are Christians, dedicated to sharing his message and purpose. Their mission involves spreading the good news of his redemptive work while eagerly waiting for him to establish the new heaven and earth.

Southside’s Contribution

At Southside, we believe we are integral to God’s ongoing narrative. Despite Jesus’ redemptive sacrifice, the world continues to grapple with the consequences of sin—suffering, scarcity, and sorrow. We endeavor to mirror Jesus’ merciful mission, fostering transformation within ourselves and joining all those who serve Jesus to mend the world’s connection with God. Patiently, we await the complete restoration Jesus promised, envisioning a time when all brokenness will be mended.

Our Partners in the Gospel releasing balloons at our 125th Anniversary celebration in 2017

Our history dates back more than a century.


In 1892, the First Christian Church of Fort Worth sowed the seeds for what would later become the Southside Church of Christ in the burgeoning South Fort Worth area. Over the following decades, Southside flourished, growing to a community of over 1,000 Partners in the Gospel. In 1959, our historic building at 2101 Hemphill Street was built.

Transition and Engagement

During the 1970 and 1980s, Southside’s neighborhood underwent significant changes, marked by disinvestment, poverty, rising crime rates, and shuttered businesses. Rather than leaving our community, we chose to care for it, establishing ministries tailored to serving our neighbors, including a Food Pantry, Prayer Garden, an addiction recovery group (H.O.P.E.), and more.

Present Day

Today, Southside stands as a vibrant and diverse congregation—reflective of varied social, racial, and generational backgrounds. Our commitment to our neighborhood endures. We persist in our pursuit of being a church fueled by devotion to mission, mercy, and transformation.