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What is Recovery?

By September 26, 2019No Comments

Definition (according to Google): A return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength; the action or process of regaining a possession or control of something
stolen or lost.

The Bible and Recovery groups agree, all of us need a power greater than ourselves for recovery to happen.

The Story of God and Us is full of people choosing a power that is not greatest. Israelites, pagans, and people of all walks of life throughout the Bible continually chose great powers for strength and recovery. They chose kings, possessions, women, groups, and tribes. And these things demonstrate great power, but they are not the greatest power.

People in recovery do this all the time. In fact, often recovery groups promote this. They will say “make the group your great power, make your sponsor your power, or just make something greater than you your power.” Certainly 2 is greater than 1 and 3 is greater than 2, but the greatest strength and power for recovery is not found in mankind or a group of humans, but in the Creator of the Universe as He reveals Himself in the pages of Scripture.

All of us search for strength and recovery from things that may be great but are not greatest. We choose chocolate over Jesus when a bad day hits us. We choose TV or Netflix over prayer and meditation when we want to escape our troubles. We choose money, power, and sex over genuine relationships with others. It is difficult to not choose self. We, like Paul, struggle with doing what we know is right and not doing what we know is wrong. There is a war going on (Romans 7:21-22). Who will rescue me? How can I experience recovery (Romans 7:24)?

The beautifully unifying truth we all need is found in Romans 7:25. The answer is Jesus. When we realize we are all sick, we can realize we all need a physician (Luke 5:31).

“The deepest desire of our hearts is for union with God. God created us for union with himself. This is the original purpose of our lives” – Brennan Manning.

Whatever is getting in the way of that union is deeply personal. The way that Jesus heals our wounds is a deeply personal process. All the gospels point this fact out. Recovery can happen when we stop looking at others and start looking at ourselves. Where are you in your recovery journey with God?

Chris Jeter

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