People of Southside – Keisha, Austin, and Myles

Keisha Williams is a beloved and vital part of “THE PEOPLE OF SOUTHSIDE”. The promises of God have stood tall as lighthouses guiding her through turbulent seas. Her good cheer and servant spirit are endearing to all.


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Keisha was raised with three brothers in California. When the inevitable sibling conflicts arose her mother (Cozette Palmer) would first punish, but then insist that the squabbling siblings apologize and then hug. A timeless model of conflict resolution! Her young life revolved around the church. As a child she remembers working alongside some of the older ladies in the church library. This intergenerational lifestyle still resonates. Her own sons’ lives have been enriched by the interest of several of our more “seasoned” gentlemen at Southside including Lupe Montero and James Lee.

Austin is the gregarious twenty year old who is continuing his studies at Oklahoma Christian in Child Psychology. Both young and old are attracted by his magnetic personality coupled with an ardent faith.

Myles is the engaging ten year old. He loves all things that preteen boys enjoy—but Keisha has been particularly gratified by the servant spirit she sees blossoming within. Myles enjoys working alongside his Papa (Virgil Palmer) in the Southside pantry during the summer months.

Professionally Keisha has been an after school child care provider and daycare director. After a tenure at Harris Hospital she is now in the mortgage industry working in the appraisal department at Southwest Bank.

Her favorite Bible verse has marched off the ancient parchment and been embedded in her heart. She says that the words of Psalm 37:25 reflects both her life experience and her living testimony:” I have been young, and now I am old; yet I have not seen the righteousness forsaken, nor his seed begging bread.”

“AS THE DEER” is one of Keisha’s favorite hymns. The lyrics softly instructs us that the Master alone must be our heart’s desire and worship is our deepest longing. This hymn reflects her transcendent goal to be a reflection of Christ to those about her. We all see the resemblance. Her life is a mirror allowing us to see the Christ through her lifestyle and her priorities.

How blessed we are at Southside that Keisha and her family are walking canvasses upon which the Master continues to paint.

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  1. If you know Keisha, then you know love! Her smile and spirit are contagious.

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