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When the KKK Comes to Your Church

The “Invisible Empire” of the KKK was very visible in Fort Worth one hundred
years ago. In the 1920s our town was home to one of the largest klaverns (lodges)
in the nation. Klavern 101 boasted an estimated 6000 men. There was also an
active Woman’s Auxiliary and “Junior KKK” for teenage boys. The Ku Klux Klan had

To Kids Who Are “Different”

He was always different. His interests were different. He wanted to write poetry or play his harp while his seven brothers loved to roughhouse or play soccer. 
His appearance was different. He had “beautiful eyes” and was “ruddy” (red hair and freckles?) while his brothers and most boys of his heritage were typically more olive complexioned.

“Don’t Waste Your Cancer”

A minister in the Midwest, John Piper, battled prostate cancer a dozen years ago and wrote an open letter to his church about his battle. He shockingly said that one will “waste your cancer if you think of it as a curse and not a gift”. That got my attention. Mr. Piper has embraced the words...

“Toss Your Cap Over the Wall”

King Solomon would have made an incredibly interesting guest on a TV talk show. He wrote songs, wrote insightful proverbs, could talk intelligently about trees, animals, insects, fish, architecture, horses, money, and yes, even women. First Kings 4:31 calls him the wisest of all men. One day the King glances out his window and is stunned....

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