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“The pathway is broken

And the signs are unclear

And I don’t know the reason why

You brought me here

But just because you love me the

Way that you do

I’m gonna was through the valley

If you want me to”

This Ginny Owens song, “If You Want Me To,” has always be a favorite of Lori Walton. She realizes that the benevolent Hand of the Almighty has guided her, especially when the path ahead was unclear.


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High school sweethearts at Granbury High School, Hastings and Lori continued to date while both were students at Baylor. Hastings majored in Political Science and Lori in Public Relations. They wed in 2004, and the Lord has blessed them with three little blonde-headed children — Hayden, Lucy, and Oliver.

As newlyweds, they ventured to Washington, D.C. in pursuit of careers. For two years in the Capital, Hastings worked for the G.S.A while Lori worked for a promotional products company.

Moving back to Texas, they launched their own home-based business called Proforma DFW Marketing. The two actually work side-by-side at home sharing one large desk. Their company designs and produces promotional products for businesses, such as shirts, pens, flags, and corporate apparel.

Lori has a church of Christ background, while Hastings did not. They visited Southside on Easter Sunday of 2012 and were impressed by the warmth and friendliness they found. They sit toward the rear of the north side of our auditorium purposely to greet guests that so often sit near the back, as did they when they first visited. Hastings was baptized by Steve Cloer in February of 2013.

The Waltons have thrown themselves into the Southside church community. They love their Bible class, the teach on Wednesday nights, and Hastings secures prayer leaders for our Sunday service. They particularly delight in our many ministries that engage our neighborhood.


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Hastings says that Joshua’s words of chapter 24 both challenge and inspire. These ancient words guide his steps: “as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” Lori has memorized Jesus’ teachings recorded in the Sermon on the Mount in regard to battling worry with faith and raising a family with counter-cultural priorities.

We commend this young family that integrates their faith so vividly into the fabric of their lives.

John Scott

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