Making Space

Summer is coming to an end and I feel like it was a whirlwind. Everything moved so quickly I can barely remember what happened and now it seems like I need to scramble to catch up with everything I missed out on because summer was so hectic. We all have work, spouses, kids, family, friends and our Netflix queue pulling us in all different directions and it can just be overwhelming.

Pause, close your eyes and take a break. Take this moment to create space.

Create space in your day to breathe. Don’t fill your time to the limit and miss out on the things that matter. An old mentor once told me, “You make time for what matters most. If you don’t have time you don’t find it important enough.” This bothered me so much when I first heard it. I had a full time job, full time college, and a new marriage. I had time for NOTHING and things kept falling through the cracks.

My mentor had me track my day to show me what I filled it with and some of it surprised me. I had four days a week where I went from 6 AM to 1 AM and got back up and did it again, which I was very well aware of. The other three days left were full to the brim with things that didn’t really matter. I took unnecessary trips to the store. I slept in and then took two naps. I watched so many shows on Netflix that my nights disappeared. My schedule had no space and it was because in the moments I did have time I filled it with things that weren’t important. After this I took the time to change my habits and plan for space. I took one night a week to have completely empty to spend with my wife. I took one full morning to work on my relationship with God and all of a sudden, things stopped falling through the cracks.

Do you feel overwhelmed with everything in your life? If so, make a schedule and pencil in space for what matters most. Even if its five minutes to open your bible, or to say something sweet to grow your marriage. You will be amazed how you can fill that seemingly small amount of space with everything that has been falling through the cracks.

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