Let the Spirit of the Lord Rise Among Us

Earlier this year, we were stunned over the tragic death of Botham Jean, a brother in Christ who lived in Dallas. This death sent shockwaves throughout the nation as racial tensions bubbled to the surface over the situation. As the media started investigating Jean’s life, they realized that he was a devoted believer in Jesus who loved to lead singing – in fact, the Sunday before, he had led singing at the Dallas West Church of Christ and led the song, “Let the Spirit of the Lord Rise Among Us.”
We hear about racial tensions throughout our country. It is easy to be distraught, frustrated, and upset about seeing people from different races, backgrounds, or ethnic groups struggling to get along. Our hearts break when we hear incidences of injustice, discrimination, or racism that affect people’s lives. And yet, what are we doing about it? It is easy to lament the current tense and polarizing situation, but are we actually doing something to rectify the situation? On Sunday evening, Dec. 9, we have an opportunity to do something.
As Christians, we believe that what the world needs to fix its problems of injustice and racism is the gospel of Jesus. The cross of Jesus reminds us that we all are sinners and in need of grace. Through the blood of Christ, we are made into a new person with a new story that is common to all fellow believers in Christ – whether black, white, Hispanic, or any other ethnic background. The gospel unites, while sin divides. When God’s people come together across racial divides and read the same Scriptures, sing the same songs, hold hands and pray the same prayers, a moment of hope is captured. It foreshadows that day in the future where we will gather around the throne with people from every nation, tribe, and tongue. At that gathering, there will be no "haves" and "have-nots," no superiors or inferiors, no “them” and “us”, rather, we will be one standing under the Lordship of Jesus. Tonight at 6:00pm will be a window into that day.
I want to encourage you to come tonight to the Racial Unity service at the Wilkerson Greines Activity. We, along with over 1000 Christians, will gather for worship and praise, starting at 6:00pm. To set the tone for the evening, two choruses will perform – the Lubbock Christian University chorus and the Fort Worth City-Wide Chorus. Then, as a symbol of unity and solidarity, around 5:45, they will join together to sing the song that Botham led, “Let the Spirit of the Lord Rise Among Us.”
May the line from that song be true: in the midst of our diversity, may the Spirit of the Lord Rise Among Us.

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