God = Awesome

Recently, a good friend and I were talking about God. As we talked, one thought became the focus of our discussion: 
Ever since Adam and Eve, God has been trying to engage mankind and have a genuine relationship with us. The creator of the universe wants a relationship with us! This is truly awesome!
In fact, God is all about family. My friend and I talked about this also. One of the biggest takeaways from the entire human story is: God wants us to be a part of His family. This is truly awesome!
He wants those who need His perfect mercy, because He cherishes mercy above sacrifice. He wants people who do not have everything figured out, because He can show His strength in weak vessels. This is truly awesome!
When Jesus began preaching He was addressing people who did not know God as a Father. The people Jesus talked to were burdened by years of religion, and dysfunctional family relationships. However, He introduced them to His Father, who sets captives free. This is truly awesome!
In Genesis 28:17 Jacob awakes from a dream and realizes, “God is in this place”. And we, the reader, are introduced to this biblical word, awesome. In the dream Jacob saw a stairway that connected heaven and earth. In John 1:51 Jesus tells us, He is the stairway. Jesus connects us to our Father. This is truly awesome!
One last thought. When Natalie and I arrived to Southside it was like coming home. Why?  At Southside people know their Father. They have, and are connecting with Him through the Gospel, that is the good news about Jesus. And finally, they are intentionally engaging the community in order to point them towards the redemptive blood of the cross. That is a good family, and truly, AWESOME!

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