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Friendship Month

By August 22, 2019No Comments

Traditionally, during the month of September, we have had a Sunday where we encourage everyone to invite their friends to join us for worship at Southside. But this year, we are expanding that to a whole month, entitled “Friendship Month.”

From Sept. 8-29, I will be preaching a special four-week series entitled, “The Story of God and Us.” These will be simple lessons that will be geared toward those who may be new to church, the Bible, or God. Each week will address a different question that finds its answer in the gospel of Jesus. The goal is that through these four lessons, the basic story of the gospel will be presented.

To accentuate this month, each Sunday, we will highlight a certain group that we especially want to be hospitable toward. On September 8th, we will have College Day – Our college students will lead the worship and we will have a special luncheon for all college and graduate students. On the 15th will be Children’s Day – We will have Children’s Time, a
couple of special children’s videos, and sing some children’s songs as well. On September 22nd, we will have Bilingual Day – We will sing, pray, and read Scripture in English and Spanish to demonstrate our hospitality and acknowledge our
Hispanic neighbors. On the 29th, we will have Recovery Day – The HOPE ministry will be in charge that day and we celebrate the restoration found in Jesus.

The whole month will be a great time to invite friends and neighbors. Please be praying about this month and thinking who God might be leading you to invite. We have cards in the front and back foyers that have a copy of the sermon series that you can share with a friend.

Many times September is a time of new beginnings as school starts. This is a great time to invite a friend or neighbor to church so they can hear the gospel of Jesus.

     Sept. 8 – Where did we come from? (College Day)
     Sept. 15 – What is wrong in the world? (Children’s Day)
     Sept. 22 – How can the world be fixed? (Bilingual Day)
     Sept. 29 – How can I be made whole? (Recovery Day)

Chris Jeter

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