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Minister's Corner

Forest Through the Trees

By April 18, 2019No Comments

Have you ever heard the expression “I can’t see the forest through all these trees”? It means that we get so wrapped up in details and small things that we miss the big picture.

I often find myself getting lost in the trees of life. There is a big event coming up, a baby on the way, a family trip coming up soon, or the seventeenth soccer game that my child has had this weekend. I get so wrapped up in the minute details that I miss out on the bigger picture of what is happening. I can’t enjoy the soccer games because I am thinking about the trip with our family. I can’t enjoy the trip with my family because of the big event. I can’t enjoy the big event because our family is getting bigger and there is just so much to do. I am so lost in the trees looking for the forest that I can’t seem to find what is right in front of me.

We see this in Jesus’ ministry all throughout the
Gospels. Jesus speaks over and over again about how his Kingdom is not of this world. His followers see him influencing large groups of people, feeding thousands, and healing the sick and wounded but even with all of these details they miss the bigger picture. They do the same thing with the Resurrection. Jesus foretells of the Resurrection multiple times yet everyone still couldn’t put it together that he really meant what he said. They got so lost in the trees that they missed the forest they were staring at.

Today is Easter, the day we set aside time to remember and be thankful for the Resurrection of our Savior. This is the most significant moment in our faith. Everything that we believe in is founded in the resurrection; without it, our salvation is lost.

Often we get lost in our faith thinking that our salvation lies in other things: being a good parent, being successful at our job, or thinking we can earn our way into Heaven. We put so much emphasis on what we can do to force our way into good standings with God that we forget that the battle has already been won.

The price for our soul was paid when Jesus died on the cross and rose three days later conquering death. Today, we stop and look at the big picture. Stop worrying about the trees and bask in the greatness of the forest. Look at the magnitude of grace, love, and mercy that is given to us by a God that loves us more than we can ever imagine and know that you have been bought by the blood of the lamb.

Chris Jeter

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