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Minister's Corner

Coming to the Well

By April 25, 2019No Comments

I hope you have seen in our bulletin that in the month of May we are doing something different for our Sunday Morning Bible classes. Each year, we are going to view the months of January, May, and December as unique opportunities for us to be intentional and focused in our Adult Education classes and we are calling these offerings THE WELL.

In Scripture, the symbolism of going to a well often means that a person is experiencing a powerful moment with God. Moses fled Egypt, sat by a well, and had the trajectory of his life changed. The Samaritan woman met Jesus at a well and left the encounter transformed. We, too, can come to the well and encounter God in big ways.

THE WELL is an opportunity for us to come together, across generations, and dig deep into God’s word. And for this month, I am really excited about the offerings. We have a lot of great teachers at Southside and our May teachers are some of our very best.

Mark Baur is teaching a class called Broken Vessels: When Old Testament Lives Teach Gospel Truth. Mark will be looking at the lives of Jacob, Samson, Jonah, and Jeremiah as examples of how God is willing to show us His true nature through the lives of broken people. This class will take place in the Chapel.

Steve Cloer is teaching a class titled Money, Sex, and Paul. In it, he will explore two of God’s biggest competitors for our hearts. It was true in Paul’s time and it’s still true
today. Steve will walk us through Paul’s letters to see what he taught in regards to handling our sexuality and our money. This class will take place in the Fellowship Hall.

Lindsey Garner and Bekah Vickers will be teaching a women’s class titled Waiting for a Better Country: A Study of Hebrews. Just like the ‘Heroes of Faith,’ we are waiting for a better country. Lindsey and Bekah will help us wrestle with what it means to wait with hope, enduring hardship, running a race of perseverance, together in community. This class will take place in the Auditorium.

All of these class will be great! We encourage you to pick one, commit to it, sit with someone of another generation, and go deep with us into God’s word.

Chris Jeter

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