Busy Times at Southside

You may or may not realize it, but Southside is a busy place! Our building is constantly being used by a variety of different people and groups. During any given week our building may host Fort Worth ISD, Communities In Schools, Cenikor & other recovery programs, NICU Helping Hands, Hemphill Corridor Task Force, Fort Worth Sister Cities, and numerous other organizations - all in addition to our usual services, classes, weddings, funerals, and other special events.

A lot goes on around here...

Here are some events we have coming up:
March 16 - Day of HOPE - An exciting day that includes free
food, live music, fun & games, and stories of hope

March 30 - ELEVATE Discipleship Conference - An event
for college students and young adults to focus on
following Christ in their day-to-day lives

April 6 - Ladies Day - A half-day event for ladies from several
congregations to learn and share together

April 13 - Men’s Breakfast - A chance to share a meal, hear
from a guest speaker, and spend a little time together
eating all of the bacon and eggs

April 20 - Easter Weekend & LTC - A sunrise service will be
offered on Easter Sunday, while the LTC group spends
the weekend in Dallas showcasing what they have
practiced and learned throughout the year

April 27 - Deeper in Scripture Weekend - A guest speaker
will offer a deep look at our theme of Gospel
Community throughout the Bible on this Friday night
and Saturday morning

These are busy times at Southside! But here’s the thing: Our busy-ness comes with a purpose. It extends beyond the church building or church events too, because as we (hopefully) know, the church is the people. Whether it is Sunday morning or Thursday afternoon, we are still the church. Whether we’re on Hemphill Street, at work, in class, or at home, we are still the church. Whether we spend the night in a mansion or in a tent, we are still the church.

The events and services we participate in are not church; they only serve to equip us to be the church. We gather together so that we may be filled and empowered to go forth and represent Christ in every other place we dwell.

We are not busy for the sake of being busy, we are busy for the sake of being a light to the world.

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