What is Your Motivation?

Why are you here today? This is a question that I think we are aware of the answer to but one that one do not ask enough. Do you know what your motivations are for sitting here in this moment?
Our motivations shape what we get out of a situation and help us set goals for the future. When we neglect to look at our motivations we are missing out on the opportunity to grow into the best versions of ourselves. Take a minute this morning and think about that question of why and come up with a few answers. Set goals for what you hope to accomplish spiritually in church. Maybe you want to make a new connection to someone, you want to be filled spiritually after a hard week, you want to help your children see the importance of a faith community, or maybe you are trying to get back into the habit of being in church and your goal is to be in this seat right now. 
These motivations give us a purpose and direction and work as a self evaluation tool for our walk with God. After worship or class you can sit down and see how you held up to your goals for this time today. Hopefully as a result you are able to see your spiritual growth and find a deeper purpose and calling within the church as you begin this practice.
So what are your motivations? What are you seeking today and what are you doing to get one step closer to God?

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