Spiritual Disciplines Retreat

Leonard E. Hjalmarson, in his book Missional Spirituality, tells an old joke about a young man who stood in Times Square in New York City with a violin case under his arm.  As a visitor to the Big Apple, he didn’t know his way around the vast city and was lost. “How do I get to Carnegie Hall?” he asked a policeman.  Without blinking an eye, the policeman replied, “Practice, my dear man, practice.”
On February 23rd, we will have our second Spiritual Disciplines Retreat. We will gather with a small group of brothers and sisters to learn, practice, and then discuss spiritual disciplines. Most simply, this is a day that we create space for you to spend time with God, in prayer, in Scripture, in solitude and silence, and in community. The first retreat was amazing!  God was there! And I know God will again be working and making Himself known to us in powerful ways on this retreat as well.
We still have a few spots left and I want to encourage you to sign up today. I believe this with all my heart: You are God’s child and your Father desperately wants to spend time with you. 
If you need time with Him, this retreat is for you. Contact me ( if you are interested in going.  

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