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Something Historic is Coming Soon!

By May 16, 2019No Comments

A little more than a month away is the 40th Annual National Crusade for Christ. I hope you are making plans to be part of this unique effort. The Crusade is a special evangelistic and unity effort that is happening here in Fort Worth on June 23-28. Historically, this has been hosted by predominately African-American Churches of Christ. They choose a city and people from all over the country descend upon that city to engage in evangelistic activity and spiritual growth experiences. This year, Fort Worth is the chosen city, and the emphasis has been on this being a “Jesus Crusade” rather than a “black Crusade.” In the interest of racial unity and evangelism, Southside has committed to be part of this effort. This will likely be the only chance in your lifetime to experience something like this, as it will not come back to Fort Worth for a long time. Below are some ways that you can participate:

1) Health Fair – Southside is hosting a Health Fair on June 22 from 10am-2pm. We need volunteers to help with the fair in various ways, including food giveaway, welcoming people, vendors, setup and take down. Contact Jaymie Sattiewhite to volunteer.

2) March and Evening Worship – On June 23 from 3-5pm, there will be a downtown march to demonstrate our unity and love for Jesus. Then afterwards, the first evening worship
service will begin at 7:00pm.

3) Engaging the Community – On June 24-26, Southside will host a group of door knockers who will go into our neighborhood spreading the love of Jesus. We need
volunteers to help in providing food, walking the neighborhood, drivers. Contact Virgil Palmer or Dana Gardner to help.

4) Evening Worship Services – On June 23-27, there will be evening worship services downtown at the Convention Center, starting at 7pm. If you are unable to participate in other activities, this is the top priority! We will have transportation available from the church building. We will dismiss our Wednesday night classes and small groups to encourage everyone to go to the Crusade. Dr. Monte Cox of Harding University is preaching on Wednesday, June 26.

Mark your calendar to be a part of this special week. We want to support this city-wide effort as a way of showing racial unity and spreading the gospel. This is a great chance for us to be a “gospel community.”

href="#" data-color-override="false" data-hover-color-override="false" data-hover-text-color-override="#fff">VISIT WWW.SSCOFC.ORG/CRUSADE TO LEARN MORE

Chris Jeter

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