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Minister's Corner

New Adventures

By August 3, 2017August 10th, 2017No Comments

So many times in life God gives us a new adventure. These can be small things like a change in routine, or something major like moving for a new job. When we look at these adventures there are always a few things that we should keep in mind:

First, we should always pray before we embark on something new. Prayer leaves room for God to act in his own way and opens us up to communication with him.

Second, we should set our goals for what we hope to accomplish. We often feel that there is always a clear choice that God leads us to, but sometimes we are left to make decisions. God does not always tell us what to do, but he calls us to do it for His glory. When we put God’s plan first we will always be making the right choice. Our goals should have the end in mind and be full of prayer for where God wants us to end up. Setting goals as we begin allows us to track our progress and make purposeful steps along the way.

Lastly, we should be ready for pressure from Satan. As we make stressful changes we often lose our patience, our temper, and our good habits, leaving room for us to fall short on important things in life like our relationships with our friends, family, and our God. Be mindful of this as you move and lean on God as the steadfast King of Kings that He is.

May your adventures lead you to new places and into new and deeper relationships!

  • Evan Johnson
Chris Jeter

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