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Minister's Corner

Navigating the Political Season

By November 7, 2016No Comments

The political season is about to wind down as election day approaches. Many of you have shared concerns, questions, and various feelings about how we as Christians should handle the political environment and situation in our country. So I thought that I would offer some pastoral remarks about navigating the upcoming days.

[spacer] 1. Remember that God is King. Scripture is very clear that nations come and go. Rulers rise and fall. Empires grow and shrink. Yet, one constant remains: Jesus is Lord and God rules the world. Thus we trust in Him above any elected leader.

[spacer] 2. Christian faith manifests itself in various political ways. There are good Christ-followers who will vote for Donald Trump. There are good Christ-followers who will vote for Hillary Clinton. There are good Christ-followers who will vote for someone else or not vote at all. Don’t let our political opinions blind us to the fact that other God-honoring people may see things differently.

[spacer] 3. Do not buy into the anxiousness of the world. The media and various pundits often use scare tactics to instill fear and anxiety about our country and world. As Christians, we don’t buy into that. We trust in a God who is sovereign and Christ who is victorious. We can go to bed on election night and sleep well because we know who our Redeemer is. We choose faith in Christ over the fear of the world.

[spacer] 4. The primary agent that brings about transformation in the world is the church, not the lawmakers. Jesus was not a politician. He did not achieve change that way. Certainly politics can, in some cases, support and promote gospel causes. But we do not rely on that avenue. The church is the place that God uses to offer light and bring salt to our nation and world. Let us focus our efforts and energies on making the “church” great again.

[spacer] 5. Pray for unity in our nation. It is clear that this political season has unveiled deep fractures in our nation. Take time this Tuesday not simply to vote but to pray that our nation can experience unity and that we as the church may shine as a light offering the unity, hope, love, and truth that comes from Christ!

Chris Jeter

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