Four Liberating Truths About God

This week’s bulletin article comes straight out of a book some of us ministers are reading - Everyday Church by Tim Chester & Steve Timmis.

Here are four Gs that stand for liberating truths about God:

  • God is great, so we do not have to be in control
    We often want to be in control, so we dominate, manipulate, or overwork people. Or we fear things being out of control, so we worry.
  • God is glorious, so we do not have to fear others
    We often sin because we crave the approval of other people or fear their rejection.
  • God is good, so we do not have to look elsewhere.
    Sin often leads to pleasure, but its pleasures are empty and temporary. Only God brings true and lasting joy.
  • God is gracious, so we do not have to prove ourselves.
    Jesus has done it all, so we have nothing left to prove.

“Most of our sinful behavior and negative emotions arise because we are not believing liberating truths about God.”

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  1. Justin, thank you for sharing these statements with us. They are very easy to understand but so hard to grasp and live according to them.

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