Challenges Are Opportunities

We are all constantly faced with new challenges and new opportunities in our life. Often times though the biggest difference between an opportunity to grow and a challenge we grumble over is our point of view.

We are told in James Chapter 1 that we will meet trials of various kinds, and that we should have joy in these trials because they produce steadfastness in our faith. This is the perfect example of how mindset changes everything. We will face challenges as Christians. It is going to happen. No matter what. We cannot stop them. Period. What we can do though is change our challenges into opportunities to grow closer to God and those around us.

Maybe you and your spouse have struggled lately and have been fighting more and more over seemingly nothing. This trial in your marriage can be a challenge that you stare at, become discouraged with, and even become resentful about. On the other hand, this could be an opportunity to recommit yourself to your spouse and be purposeful in your marriage. You can spend time each day intentionally trying to submit to your spouse. You can look at areas where you can grow. You can work on being better to your spouse and you may be surprised how much your effort will encourage your spouse to do the same. The same trial can go two ways. Either you spend your time angry and create distance in your marriage, or you spend your time working at the opportunity to be the spouse that you are called to be.

Our spiritual lives work the same way. You will struggle with sin, with anger, or with spiritual stagnation, and it is up to you to determine if this will be a challenge you look at or an opportunity to have joy, to grow in faith, and to produce steadfastness. This week take some time to reflect on the trials you are facing in your life. How could you look at them to create opportunity instead of frustration? Once you find a new point of view go all in and commit making sure that you know you are the only person that you can control and it is up to you to seize an opportunity to grow closer to God and the ones you love.

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