“Toss Your Cap Over the Wall”

King Solomon would have made an incredibly interesting guest on a TV talk show. He wrote songs, wrote insightful proverbs, could talk intelligently about trees, animals, insects, fish, architecture, horses, money, and yes, even women. First Kings 4:31 calls him the wisest of all men.

One day the King glances out his window and is stunned. He does a doubletake. There is a caravan passing his window with some travelers on foot and others on horseback. He is shocked to see princes are on foot and the slaves are on horseback. And wise old Solomon calls it “evil”. (Ecclesiastes 10:5-7) Why? The princes were to be on horseback and their servants were to follow on foot.


God’s people are not to be trudging head downward through life – glum, sour, baptized-in-pickle-juice kind of folks. Back in my youth ministry days of the 70’s we used to sing “Thank you Lord for loving me, blessing me, making me whole, and saving my soul.”

We’ve been loved from Above
We’ve been blessed with spiritual wealth
We’ve been made whole
We’ve been saved from the Abyss

Confidently mount up!

John F. Kennedy used to love to tell the story about his grandfather who grew up in Ireland. As a lad he would walk home from school with friends and the boys would taunt and challenge one another to climb over the treacherous rock walls for which Ireland is famous. JFK said that his grandfather would toss his cap over the daunting rock walls to the other side. He knew he couldn’t go home without his cap or he’d be in trouble.

It was the way to motivate himself to take the dare.

As God’s people we dare greatly. We love greatly. We toss our caps over the walls.

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