Jail Ministry

We in the Our Search for God Jail Ministry believe that God has commanded us to be sensitive to those who are locked up behind bars (Matthew 25: 44-45). The congregation at Southside has been actively involved in teaching classes to women behind bars since 2003. We operate in the hope that these women are in a transition and recovery point in their lives. We believe that God has placed us at this location in the inner city to touch the lives of those who struggle so they can find their way to God. We have found these classes to be full of souls seeking mercy and grace. Often, we are able to continue our support upon the inmate’s release from jail.

At the present time, we have twelve ladies committed to sharing the good news of Jesus’ love to women starving for His Word. We teach in all of the eight women’s pods in Tarrant County Jail. Each inmate receives a Life Recovery Bible upon attending the class for the first time along with a packet of 41 lessons written by Chloe Carter and Tina Crouch.

All lessons are available for download and free use for your personal Bible study. Please visit the website 

Current needs: Men to teach in the Tarrant County Jail, graders for completed lesson packets, and experienced teachers to help in our current classes. 


Please contact Tina Crouch for more information at