Let the Spirit of the Lord Rise Among Us

Earlier this year, we were stunned over the tragic death of Botham Jean, a brother in Christ who lived in Dallas. This death sent shockwaves throughout the nation as racial tensions bubbled to the surface over the situation. As the media started investigating Jean’s life, they realized that he was a devoted believer in Jesus...

God = Awesome

Recently, a good friend and I were talking about God. As we talked, one thought became the focus of our discussion: 
Ever since Adam and Eve, God has been trying to engage mankind and have a genuine relationship with us. The creator of the universe wants a relationship with us! This is truly awesome!

HOPE Ministries: Heavenly Options for Pain and Emptiness

When it was announced that Kathy and I were retiring at the end of this year, there were many questions about our future plans. First of all, retirement is not a Biblical concept. Nowhere does it say that when we get to a certain age we can retire from our service to the Lord; we...