Your Heart Song

Have you ever noticed that in a movie, the music makes all the difference? There’s a few videos you can watch on YouTube that change the music to iconic movie scenes, and the feel of the entire scene changes because of the shift in music.

A romantic scene might turn into a horror scene, only because the music changed. Or an epic scene might feel like a slapstick comedy because of the music.

When my father was teaching 12th grade macroeconomics, he would often spend the last 5 minutes on Friday with his students giving them short life lessons. One lesson that he would give started off with the question, “What would be your life’s theme music?”

What music would be playing as you are walking around going about your business from day to day?

Music has a way of calming the soul. It also has a way of energizing us, or perhaps making us feel contemplative or remorseful, or it also might help us process the stress and sadness of everyday life.

I think our life’s theme music should be the Song of the Lord. The beautiful thing about singing the Song of the Lord is that it has many different refrains for all of life’s unique scenarios.

The Song of the Lord allows us to grieve and lament our losses, pains and hurts. The Song of the Lord allows us to rejoice triumphantly for our success. The Song of the Lord calls us out of darkness, compels us to complete the journey, and encourages us to keep on going. The Song of the Lord resonates within each of us.

The Holy Spirit is that melody that flows out of our hearts, into the world, and throughout the church.

So as you go throughout your journey, allow the Song of the Lord to wash over you as you travel the wilderness, trek on the mountaintops, or trudge through deep valleys.

“Come, let us sing for joy to the LORD; let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation” – Psalm 95:1

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  1. I soooo agree!!! I love music and it inspires comforts restores my soul – it is one of the richest blessings God has given to us – the ability to hear and respond., participate and express ourselves through music. I can’t imagine life without music! What a loving God who would give us the gift of music!

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