Time After Time

At the cross we see the fullness of God’s love and grace.  We see just how far God is willing to go to show us that He loves us.  He became a person and was killed by sinful men in a sinful system.

But grace did not begin at the cross.  God has been gracious since sin entered the world.  After Adam and Eve sin, God responds by making them some clothes.

I was reading Nehemiah this week and in chapter 9 the Israelites are recounting their journey with God.  They remember that God chose Abraham, that He rescued the Israelites from bondage, and gave them the law.    But then they remember the sin of the Israelites.  Though God had been so faithful the Israelites again and again and again refused to listen or obey His commands.  Then I got to verse to 28 and found the Gospel:

But as soon as they were at rest, they again did what was evil in your sight. Then you abandoned them to the hand of their enemies so that they ruled over them.  And when they cried out to you again, you heard from heaven, and in your compassion you delivered them time after time.

I love that phrase “time after time.”

How true is that phrase for all of us?

Time after time, God shows his grace to us.

Time after time, God reminds us that nothing can separate from His love.

My hope is wrapped up in that phrase - time after time.

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