The Transformation Track

Become a Partner in the Gospel

The people of the church are called, gathered, and sent by the God who showed himself in Jesus Christ.  You aren’t so much joining a church as you are joining God and God’s people in what He is doing in and through Southside. This is why we prefer the term “partner” over the term “member.”


Connect to Community

We believe real life change happens in the context of authentic relationships, which is why we are a church made up of Small Groups and Bible Class Communities.  God gives us to one another to share our lives together—through accountability, encouragement, support, and mutual care.


Equipped to Grow

God has given each of us spiritual strengths, or “gifts,” to use in His Kingdom. These gifts make our life richer and empower us to help others. Southside desires to help you identify your own gifts and passions and equip you to develop your unique talents, that you may have confidence in joining God on mission. But in addition to the blessings of talent and passion, we each have unique struggles. Life isn’t easy.  We are all battling sin and the consequences of sin—broken relationships, addictions, shame, etc… We desire to help you name your struggles, take them to God, and find freedom in Christ.


Empowered for Mission

From the beginning of time, God has been a God of mission—a mission to bring his people back to himself and restore the earth to its rightful state.  Through Christ Jesus, all people are invited to be reconciled with God’s unfailing love.  That is the Gospel.  God called the church not simply to be recipients of the Gospel but stewards of it.  We desire to empower you, helping you reach your missional potential, and to provide you with mission opportunities within the church, across the community, and around the world.


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