The One True Kingdom

The Democratic National Convention was this week—which means that if we weren’t already fully in the thick of the presidential campaign, we are now. Over the next 10 weeks we are going to be bombarded with political messages: TV, phone, radio, social media, etc… The candidates and many others will tell us, as they do every election, that this is the most important of elections—that this is the most important thing happening in our world right now. And many Christians will get on board. Many of us will tweet our ideas, post our memes, and implore our friends and followers to vote for the right person, whoever that is. We might feel anxious, angry, or fearful because of this contest between two men. We shouldn’t… for three reasons:

1) The Kingdom of God is bigger than any kingdoms of this world. When Jesus came, the Jews were in different factions and one of the ideas that divided them was how to coexist with Rome. Some, the Essenes, wanted to completely separate from the government of the day. They wanted to live off the grid. The Sadducees, on the other hand, wanted to make concessions and collaborate with Rome.  Jesus offered a third way.  He changed the focus from kingdom of Caesar to the Kingdom of Heaven.

2) The most important event impacting our world today has nothing to do with a political election. Still, the most important event happening is God being made incarnate in the world through his people. That is more powerful and significant than politics. All over the world, the people of God are spreading the Kingdom of Heaven in this world. If the gates of Hades will not prevail against that Kingdom, neither will the elected winner of this election.

3) Our King is more powerful than the President. Jesus tells us that He has overcome the world. He tells us that ALL authority on Heaven and Earth has been given to Him.

My hope is that we will believe that—that we will trust in Jesus and realize that we are first in foremost citizens of a kingdom that will not pass away. And I hope that in our peace and non-anxiousness, we can be a witness to a world that gets overly worked up about lesser things. Jesus says give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and give to God what is God’s. Our trust, our allegiance, our peace, and all of our hope belongs to God. Don’t give it to Caesar.

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