The God of No Limits

“... For there is nothing that God cannot do.”

                                           - Luke 1:37


In Luke’s account of the birth of Christ, an angel comes to Mary and explains to her that she is going to have a child, but Mary is confused. She asks the angel how she could have a baby if she is a virgin. Mary is in disbelief, unable to grasp the idea that she could have a child in her current situation, but the angel responds by explaining what will happen, and he concludes by reminding her that “there is nothing that God cannot do.”

In a small, simple way, Jesus is the answer to Mary’s question. She wonders how she could have a child, and the child comes.

But in a huge, profound way, Jesus is the answer to all the world’s questions. We live in a world filled with undesirable situations - people are homeless, hungry, lonely, and depressed; we have built up barriers between races, social classes, and political parties; and everywhere you look there is anger, backbiting, broken relationships, and any number of other maladies plaguing our world.

Every day we become more and more aware of the status of this fallen world, and it seems sometimes like the darkness is closing in. How can we keep holding up under the duress of it all? Is it too much for God to redeem?

No, it’s not too much, for there is nothing that God cannot do.

God has begun to redeem the world, He continues to redeem the world, and He will ultimately eternally redeem those who follow Christ.

Additionally, God invites us to be part of his redemptive plan, and He gives us blessings and abilities to begin bringing His redemption to the here and now. With God, nothing is impossible.

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