WIDE - The Southside Youth Group is a place and a people where are all are welcome.  The world can often tell us that we aren't good enough or that we don't fit in, but in a Christian community, we are all brothers and sisters and children of God.  You belong here.  You are safe here.  You are one of us here.  You are accepted here. 

DEEP - It is not enough that we are familiar with one another.  We must be growing to truly know each other.  We want every student to have a friendship that is open and honest and that is centered on Christ.  The only alternatives to hypocrisy is to be perfect or to be honest.  We can't do perfect, but we can be honest and honesty leads to deep spiritual friendships.

It's not attending church.  It's not biblical knowledge.  It's not the number of events attended.  All those things are good but they are not the point. Primarily, we want to be disciples of Jesus.  We want to walk in his Way, see with his eyes, speak with his words, and love with his love.  We desire that every student trust Jesus, not just as their Savior, but as the LORD of every aspect of their life.