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The Walton Family

Hastings, Lori, Hayden, and Lucy Walton first came to Southside in April 2012 two weeks after Easter. A short time later, they welcomed their third child, Oliver. The Walton family has been heavily involved at Southside since they started attending. Hastings and Lori grew up in Granbury where they met and started dating in high school. They followed each other to Baylor University, where they both graduated. We are grateful that God guided them to Fort Worth, and to Southside.

Jana and I are thankful for their continued involvement in the Children’s and Youth Ministry. Hastings and Lori have led Children’s Worship for years. They have volunteered in our tutoring program, with Hastings both tutoring and providing the meals. They currently teach in the 4th & 5th grade class upstairs, which is one of their favorite things to do. You’ll often see Hastings and Lori chaperoning at Youth and Children’s events, as well as attending some of our teen’s local sporting events. Most recently Lori has taught in the kindergarten class upstairs and chaperoned our first 4th-6th grade retreat! Both Hastings and Lori have taught many of our young students throughout the years. I believe they embody the true spirit of Deuteronomy 6, which talks about passing along to each generation reverence for God. My desire in the Youth Ministry is to have Christ-minded adults pouring into our teens through godly relationships. It is that same desire that motivates the Waltons to serve at Southside. They see the need for our children here at Southside to have adults walk alongside them and to make them feel special. We want to commend them for that Kingdom focus.

They have raised their own children with a Christ-centered focus as well. Hayden, Lucy and Oliver have all been active participants in numerous ways here at Southside. You might see Hayden leading a prayer or reading scripture during service. Last Easter, Lucy showcased her artwork inspired by the book of Revelation, and she also read scripture as part of an LTC event. Throughout the week you’ll find Oliver, clad in a random NBA player's jersey, working on memory work for Bible Class. We are thankful for the Waltons and their continued service at Southside Church of Christ.

Lance Sanchez, Youth Minister

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  1. Love this family ! So thankful for them.

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