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Meet the Arnett Family!

Here at Southside our biggest class in numbers in the Children’s Ministry currently is our Toddler Class! This is so exciting to see such a loving, energetic, and eager bunch of little ones learning about the Bible each week! This month I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce you to a couple from our toddler class as well as their parents!

Meet Albert and Oplin! They are 2-year-old twins and recently became big brother and sister to Annie. They enjoy kissing and holding Annie and helping her with her paci and toys.

Albert loves cars while Oplin loves Micky Mouse Clubhouse. They love Bible class and learning new Bible lessons and songs. Albert said his favorite Bible lesson is Moses and Oplin loves the song “Blue Skies and Rainbows.”

They love their Mommy and Daddy and said they drink lots of coffee and read books with them!

Meet their Mommy and Daddy, Trey and Ashley! They are such a tremendous blessing to our young families here at Southside! They help lead our Young Families class, host small group gatherings, and volunteer in our Children’s Ministry.

When they are not busy volunteering for us – Trey enjoys golf, home improvement projects, and BBQ while Ashley enjoys cooking, baking and reading.

Trey says his favorite Bible lesson comes from Acts 16:25-34 - Paul is saved from prison and this points to God’s offer of salvation to us all. Ashely loves the song “How Deep the Father’s Love for Us” as it reminds her just how great Jesus’ sacrifice was for us.

Trey and Ashley recommend looking for ways to serve in church as this is a wonderful way to form deep and meaningful relationships among your Christian family. They also recommend keeping daily prayer and Bible reading a top priority. When faced with challenges, which we all will, God will see us through, and we can rest in Him.

Thank you, Trey and Ashley, for your great words of wisdom and all you do for our church family!

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