Southside’s Stories | Andrew Felps

Andrew Felps was born in 1952 to Emma Jessie Peterson Felps and Wade Henry Felps at St. Mary of the Plains Hospital.  His father was a social worker for the state of Texas Welfare Agency, so he grew up moving a lot and living in most major Texas towns. His father became weary of state bureaucracy and went to work for Christ for Children in Keller, TX placing children in adoption and fundraising.

Andrew went to school at Fort Worth Christian which had a robust impact on his life that’s still a feature. Around this time he got involved in Native American stuff, particularly Chaco culture, which led to mission work among the Navajo His friend Jimmy Phillips took him first mission trip in 1987, where they did concrete work, veterinary, and dental among the Navajo.

They were the face of Richland Hills Church of Christ single missions, taking anywhere from 1-3 trips a year. They also worked with Edison Grub, Phil James, Ben Begay, and Greg Scott. They wound up doing women’s ministry among the Navajo, as women there are viewed as the family and cultural leaders

Andrew has had a good run thus far, serving God through ups and downs of divorce, sickness, and apathy. Bryan Barrett found Andrew and has helped him get connected at Southside. Andrew is currently dealing with stage 4 cancer in 2 or 3 different areas.  He is currently trying to figure out how he can be a blessing to the mission here at Southside.

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