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This Sunday, we welcome Kevin Huddleston from Arms of Hope as we announce a new partnership. For several years, Southside has been a part of the South Central Alliance of Churches. This partnership has proven fruitful, as we worked together on providing hygiene items, Thanksgiving turkeys, and emergency assistance to our neighbors. However, over the years the Alliance’s members and resources have dwindled while the neighborhood needs and ministry opportunities have grown.

Enter Arms of Hope. This organization began with the merger of Boles Children’s Home and Medina Children’s Home, and they have provided residential care for women and children for many years. A few years ago, they started a new program called Family Outreach Center. This is where Arms of Hope would place a full-time social worker in a church setting to work with the church in providing services, case management, and other resources to individuals and families in the neighborhood. They started this program at Impact Church of Christ in Houston. Then, they expanded to San Antonio, Dallas, and Denton. Now they want to come to Fort Worth! When one door seems to close, God opens another one.

So with the decline of the South Central Alliance, the elders and ministers felt it was the perfect time to begin this new partnership with Arms of Hope. What this means is that now we will have a full-time social worker, employed by Arms of Hope, officing in our building. They will work with us here at Southside to provide resources and assistance to those in our own church and neighborhood. I think this will be a tremendous addition to our work. Our prayer is that this person will help us coordinate our benevolent and social ministry efforts to make sure we are being as effective as we can in bringing healing to our neighborhood.

Arms of Hope is still searching for the person to fill this role. We have interviewed several but we have not found the right person yet. But God will provide in his time He always does!

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  1. Thank you for sharing. the sermons and worship have been so very encouraging! Thank you for your vital, informative, and motivational sermons.
    Many blessings,
    Linda M.

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