Soul Care Ministry

There are five main areas of my ministry as the Missional Discipleship Minister:

1) Small Groups: where we as a church family, share life in community

2) Adult Education: our Sunday AM and Wednesday PM classes and groups

3) Soul Care: targeted discipleship groups and classes to bring healing to sin and pain

4) Special Discipleship Events: Seminars, Spiritual Disciple Retreats, Training Events, etc…

5) Mentoring: Discipleship through relationships


Today I want to talk about Soul Care.  Soul Care is a network of ministries and resources to help men and women overcome sin, pain and life’s challenges, and be conformed into the likeness of Christ for the mission of Christ.  Jesus says that in this world we will have trouble, but we can have peace in Him because He has overcome the world.  Trouble comes in many forms and we want to help you let God heal and redeem your struggles, sin, and pain.  Whether you are dealing with a traumatic life event, destructive habits, relational pain or just simply want to grow closer to Christ, Soul Care desires to help you find a fulfilling relationship with Christ and the Church.


Recently, I heard a sermon about repentance.  The preacher defined repentance as the willingness to check one’s self, a day at a time, before the righteousness of God.  If you do that, you will inevitably find that you, like all of us, fall short of the righteousness of God.  Today, I find that I need more patience.  I find that I am not as instinctively compassionate or empathetic as I would like to be.  So I will try again tomorrow.  But ever so often, I am going to notice that I have an ongoing struggle, one that I can’t seem to overcome.  It then might be helpful to talk to someone, to ask God for help.  Soul Care is meant to help us in those times by connecting us with God, His Word, and a community of people living in the same struggle.  Whether it’s anger, sexual sin, shame, or transitioning towards an empty nest marriage, we all can benefit from sharing and learning from other Christians who are walking a similar road.  If you would like more information about Soul Care or upcoming Soul Care Groups and Classes, e-mail me at

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