Cornerstones for Parents is a comprehensive Christian parenting website that provides parents with Bible-based information, practical parenting tools, bible studies, and tons of free resources.


This website offers a wealth of knowledge about youth culture to help adults make sense of the confusing world of teenagers.  The director of CPYU, Walt Mueller has also written a great book Youth Culture 101.  Additionally you can sign up to receive regular e-mails with relevant articles, studies, and posts about youth culture.

sticky faith

This is a website and book that offers great practical resources for parents and youth leaders to nurture long-term faith in teenagers.  Dr. Kara Powell leads the charge with her book Sticky Faith but she has videos, an e-journal even events for parents of teens.


This information rich website offers hundreds of practical, well researched articles that make sense.  Whether you have infants, tweens, or teens, this website will provide you information about your kid's stage of life and tips for how to best reach and care for them.