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Dear friend,

Thank you for your interest in clicking on this page. It may be what you are looking for in helping yourself or someone you care about. We realize that this approach is not for everyone. Our intention is that all who need help will find it. If we can help you in your journey to recovery, please join us. We are here for you.

In this life, there are disappointments, discouragement, and failures. Our lives become out of balance, broken, and spin out of control. There is a war inside of us, and we want peace, but through all of our efforts, we are not successful. There are many sin addictions in our lives that have the power to enslave our minds and bodies.

There is HOPE! You can be set free! This is good news! The chains of addiction and sin can be broken, and you can have a new life. We serve a God who gives another chance. How many times have you said, €œI wish I could have another chance with God.€? You will never have true peace in your life until you let loose and let Christ€™s power rule your life.

HOPE is an acronym for Heavenly Options for Pain and Emptiness. You can live a life of hope because heaven holds the answer for your pain and emptiness. When pain and emptiness become more than we can bear, we have a tendency to seek to fill that emptiness or to remove the pain in ways that have destructive consequences in our lives. The only way for you to find peace in your life is by surrendering your will and allowing Jesus Christ to be Lord of your life. The only one who can restore sanity, give peace, and make you new is the one who created you, the Lord Jesus Christ. He is Heaven€™s answer to finding hope and peace.

FINDING HOPE is a 12-step Christian Addiction Recovery Support Group for Christians struggling with compulsive/obsessive behavior working toward recovery and growing in the image of Christ. We follow a Christian twelve-step format, which is a support group designed to encourage and challenge members to grow with focus on specific emotional, spiritual, and relational needs. We acknowledge Jesus Christ as the source of our power through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. Our focus is to help relieve stress in coping with life€™s problems, especially as it relates to overcoming obsessive and addictive behavior. We realize that this deeper spiritual emphasis is not for everyone, but for those that seek a deeper spiritual connectedness. The main objective of the group is to support one another as we provide an environment in which God can change lives and cause growth to occur. (1 Cor. 3:5-9)

Your Servant in Christ - Dan Leaf


Finding HOPE A 12-Step Based Christian Support Group - Located in Room 107

Meetings are set for Sunday mornings 11:00 am - 12:00 pm and on Wednesday evenings at 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm. This time allows us to have HOPE group meetings at the same time there are children€™s Bible classes available for those who need child care.

The meetings are open for anyone struggling with addiction. The majority of the group struggles with chemical addictions, so that is the major focus. The meetings have confession and discovery at their core and will treat everyone on an equal plane. Each person is encouraged to identify themselves as a recovering addict (specific addictions), or as a recovering sinner.


      • Many suffer from multiple addictions and problem areas.
      • The sin has not yet become a full-blown addiction, and there is a reluctance to admit it.
      • Being in a group of people confessing sin makes it easier to see that you have a problem.
      • Every kind of addiction needs help.
      • It may be hard to find a support group for a specific area.
      • All addictions can be helped by using the Biblical principles found in the 12 steps.
      • God€™s principles of peace, mercy, grace, forgiveness, recovery, purity, healing, restoration, salvation, etc. work for all people and all problems equally.


FINDING H.O.P.E. will strive to give each person:

A place to belong - Most of us need a place where we will be accepted, regardless of who we are or where we have come from.

A place to contribute - We need a place where we can express our feelings in a safe environment. We may be able to help others when they hear our story.

A place to understand - We need a place where we can go to get a better perspective on our situation and see our options in a better light.

A place to be understood - We need a place where others understand our struggles without judging or criticizing us.

A place to obtain a Spirit-led life - We need a place to learn how to obtain the indwelling of the POWER of God and to grow in the ability to have that power flow through us, doing what we cannot do for ourselves.

The Life Recovery Bible, edited by David Stoop and Stephen Arterburn (New Life Ministries), is the main source of topic and step discussion. Please come and check us out. We may be what you are looking for.  For more information download our Hope Ministry flyers below: