God is in Control

God is in Control. In recent weeks, as I pray, I try to keep reminding myself of this fact. Past Bible studies I have been a part of have come to mind and one in particular. Back in 2012 I believe, I participated in a study with some Southside ladies over the book of Daniel with Beth Moore. I kept trying to recall exactly what I learned to apply in my prayers at this time. So, this week, I went to my bookshelf and located my lesson book to review.

As I reread the introduction from Beth Moore this quote stuck out to me: “…I reeled with the certainty that just as many ups and downs await. I swallowed a rush of fear remembering God apportions grace for every need. I didn’t expect Daniel to become one of the most effective antidotes I’ve ever taken for fear. It shows God is in control, absolutely sovereign, never shaken, and nothing can detour His plan for the ages.”

The portion of this book that I kept trying to remember dealt with three different scenarios when we are faced with fiery trials like in Daniel chapter 3:

1. We can be delivered from the fire. Our faith is built.

2. We can be delivered through the fire. Our faith is refined.

3. We can be delivered by the fire straight into His arms. Our faith is perfected.

Wow! This is not exactly easy for me to read. I think it’s our human nature to want to be delivered each time. However, when faced with times such as this – with so much sickness and death around us, it is also easy to begin wrestling with the idea of how we will respond to the fact that a lot of people will be delivered through the fire and by the fire.

In Beth’s book she offers this hope which I want to share with you today. Just like with Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego – there is a fourth man with us. GOD IS ALWAYS WITH US!

No matter which scenario we go through, GOD IS ALWAYS WITH US!

What a comfort this is – that with all the uncertainties presently, nothing is going to stop God’s plan from being accomplished, nor are we ever without His presence! I am looking forward to reviewing this study of Daniel. I’ve only made it through chapter one this week, but I know that the rest of the book will be full of comforting words that point to God’s Powerful nature in even the most difficult of times.

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