“Attempt something so great for God that it’s doomed to failure, unless God be in it.”

- Dr. John Haggai 


Objectives and Vision

Global Mission Objectives

  • Instill in the Southside body a missional spirit and a desire to support mission work around the world both with funds and personal service.
  • Involve every member personally in actual mission activity or in service to missionaries supported by our congregation.
  • Spread the Gospel to as many people as possible within our funding capabilities.
  • Encourage our young people to be involved in missionary activities.
  • Provide a response to every request for financial support.



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We want the lost of the world to come to faith in the Lord, being “Christ-like,” and to be incorporated into the Church.  We want to actively grow the kingdom and instill within the Southside body a missional spirit by involving every member personally in actual mission activity. 
To be “Christ-like” is to show mercy.  The efforts of the Missions Team will be to show love and mercy to our neighbors and those around the world with expectations for them to come to know Christ and His Church.  
 Our vision is to be a catalyst to transform Southside members into active missionaries and to transform our neighborhood and other mission points to be filled with the love of Christ Jesus.

Global Missions Map

Scroll over this world map for a general overview of some of the works we support

Supported Mission Areas

  • Tim and Bambi Warden - Philippines
  • Croatia for Christ
  • Mission UpReach
  • Quito School of Biblical Studies
  • Sunset International Bible Institute
  • Truth For Today
  • World Christian Broadcasting

Missions Team Philosophy and Forms

Click here to download the Mission Work Nomination Form

Frequently Asked Questions

The Mission Team is open to Southside partners who wish to participate in organizing and supporting domestic and international mission works.  We suggest that if you have an interest in participating on the Global Missions Team, please attend 3 or 4 meetings to get a feel for the responsibilities that are assigned to each GMT member.  If after 3 to 4 meetings, the Lord is leading you to become involved, please make such a request to one of the GMT members.

In order to propose a work  to the Southside Global Missions Team, please download the Mission Work Nomination Form and fill it out with the specific request and submit it to the GMT for consideration.

The criteria for funding include:

  • Complete definition of the specific work or need (items on the Mission Work Nomination Form).
  • Validation of the information through discussion with the missionary and other informed persons – due diligence period.
  • Confirmation of the missionary’s history and credentials.
  • Review and confirmation of the ability of the Southside church to fund the work.

 The missions budget varies from year to year depending on the forecasted contributions from the church at Southside.  The Global Missions Team develops a desired budget each year and then submits it to the elders for consideration and approval.  Once the budget amount is approved by the elders, then the funds are allocated appropriately among the various mission works.  The amount of each allocation is based on significant prayer and discussion among the team members. 

For more information, please refer to the Supported Mission Areas section, or feel free to Contact Us with any questions or concerns. 

Missions Media (pictures and videos)

Kiev, Ukraine | Richard and Denise Baggett

Zambia, Africa | Kent and Amber Brantly and family

Croatia for Christ | Jura Lazar

2018 Croatia for Christ Newsletter: Croatia Newsletter 2018_Q3

2020 Croatia for Christ Newsletter: Q1_2020 Newsletter

Bell Preschool | Zapresic, Croatia - Dan and Lyn Goggin

Global Missions Team Members

Kory Cummings (Quito School of Biblical Studies)
Dan Goggin (Zapresic Croatia Church of Christ)
Hollis “Chino” Gregory
Larry Hale – TREASURER (Sunset International Bible School; Truth for Today)
Connie MacLeod (The Philippines/Tim & Bambi Warden)
Joe Mahaffey
Jaye Skaggs (China Now)
Gene Villarreal
Emily Williams (Croatia for Christ; Rwanda/Eric and Wendy Davenport)

Contact Us

 Southside Church of Christ - 2101 Hemphill Street - Fort Worth, TX 76110

Telephone: 817.923.8276