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to be Faithful to God's future at Southside

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Faithful to God's Future

For over sixty years, the Southside steeple on Hemphill Street has stood tall and shone brightly. The love of Christ has been taught and demonstrated to our city by generations of God's disciples of the Southside church. Our faithfulness to God's Future calls us to rise to the challenges to renovate our existing structures and to boldly forge ahead creating new areas for faithful ministry. These renovations and expansions are to provide for our infants, children and teens as well as to increase space for the many ministries to our community. 

 Together we can answer the Divine Call to faithfully teach our children and reach our community. 

Our goal for the Faithful to God's future giving is to raise $1,500,000

to maintain and improve our facility as a hub of God's mission in our city

  1. Children's Ministry - Renovate the nursery, transform and expand the children's upstairs wing so that there is adequate space and furnishings for our children. Provide a safe and conducive atmosphere for our children to learn of Christ.
  2. Building Maintenance - Renovate restrooms in the children's wing, in front of the auditorium and in the hallway close to the Fellowship Hall. Refurbish the kitchen.
  3. Hub of Ministries - Expand the south wing of the building to include a multi-purpose room to be used for fellowship, community ministries, and Bible classes, with an adjoining area for our middle school and high school ministry.


'I will make your faithfulness known through all generations.'

Psalm 89:1

How You can Help:



With the current needs of Southside church, we covet your prayers to bless generations to come. 

Consider Personal Involvement

  • Consider a gift on December 8, 2019 for renovations and new construction

Gift may be given in honor or memory
Gift may be given in 2019 and 2020

  • Pledge to give a gift in 2020
  • Fill the change cup and return on December 8, 2019
  • Name Southside Church of Christ as a beneficiary of your life insurance
  • Consider Southside Church of Christ in your estate plan


You can Give Now

to be Faithful to God's future at Southside

Click the button below to go to and choose 'Faithful to God's Future' from the drop-down menu to give to this fund.

The plan is simple: We are asking you to join with us to ensure the Southside steeple continues

to stand tall and shine brightly for generations to come, so that we can continue to serve our community as a place of mission, mercy, and transformation. 

For over 125 years, Southside Church of Christ has been a community of disciples joining God in His mission on the Near Southside of Fort Worth. The body has been blessed with strong leaders, servant hearts, and devoted saints.  Throughout her storied history, God’s faithfulness has been evident, and because of this, we turn toward the future on what God has in store for Southside over the next era.

Recent decades have brought fresh vision to Southside. From the light in the steeple to the First Choice lady who walked across the street seeking help, Southside finds herself uniquely positioned to be a beacon of hope to the lost around her. In view of that fact, three words have captured the imagination of the Southside body: mission, mercy, and transformation.

Southside sees herself as a church of mission, called by God to this neighborhood and to this city. Each person who commits to being a part of this body of believers is a partner in the gospel, who seeks to participate in word and deed the mission of God to bring redemption. This has taken many forms: teaching the gospel in jails, recovery centers, and halfway houses, picking up children to let them experience the love of Jesus, inviting friends to special worship services, or going on short-term missions around the world. The mission has always focused, however, on the three-mile radius right around the building. Over 100,000 people live in this radius and they are our mission field.  God has planted us here and we want to be faithful to that calling.

The primary way in which we have gone about that mission is by showing mercy. Like Jesus who went about doing good to all that he met, we at Southside want to do the same. This trait of mercy is embedded deep in Southside’s DNA. There has always been a heart for the needs of those around us. This heart led to the starting a food and clothing ministry over two decades ago. It helped form the South Central Alliance of Churches. This heart can be seen in tutoring a child, helping the homeless, ministering to the abused, starting a children’s clinic, and welcoming the addict. Southside believes that anyone is welcome – no matter who you are or where you have come from. As time goes on, the needs change and the ministries shift, but the heart stays the same. This heart of mercy hopes to see a true city church develop where there are rich and poor, white and black, English-speaking and Spanish-speaking, all bringing glory to God through Christ.

The goal of this mission is spiritual transformation. God wants to see people changed by the power of His Holy Spirit. For many years, Southside has celebrated stories of transformation - we love to see people who once were lost, now be found. Transformation involves more than the initial step of faith and baptism. It requires partnering with God’s Spirit for life-change: removing old, negative behaviors and replacing them with Christ-centered ones. At Southside, this transformation comes about through four intentional practices: worship, Bible study, Christian community, engaging in mission. Over time, people change by God’s hand as they live in the rhythms of God’s missional people here at Southside.

SSCofC 125th -433


As Southside has engaged this vision, God has blessed us in many ways:

  • The opportunity to reach out and bless special populations like those who are deaf, homeless, and refugees
  • Our worship attendance has peaked with an average of 515 in 2018
  • Our contribution levels are over 1.1 million dollars
  • Every room in our building is used for Bible study on Sunday mornings
  • Our children’s ministry is growing and expanding
  • More college students and young adults are attending our church
  • Numerous baptisms have happened in 2019
  • We have partnered with sister congregations for racial unity
  • Regular short-term missions to Ukraine, Ecuador, Honduras, and Africa
  • Our facility is used frequently by community ministries and non-profits as a resource to the neighborhood

What do these signs of hope mean for the future? Where is God leading us?  Could it be that God is building a vibrant city church, centrally located in the neighborhood, that is a hub of mercy where lives are being transformed?  If so, it is time to be faithful to God’s future!

The Old Testament often describes God as the one who goes before you (Deut. 31:8). The people of Israel found courage as they entered the promised land and set about conquering the enemies because God had gone before. God was leading His people into His future through guidance, protection, and faithfulness. We as a congregation stand on the precipice of an exciting future ahead. But in order to embrace God’s call, we must be faithful to God’s future. There are three primary areas where we can do this:

  1. Facility Maintenance – our facility is used regularly as a hub of mission and mercy to the neighborhood. It is a tremendous asset for us as a church. We need to be “faithful to God’s future” by doing key upgrades in the restrooms, kitchen, and other areas.
  2. Children’s Ministry – God has been moving in our children’s ministry, bringing new children from our own church and neighborhood. We need to be “faithful to God’s future” by making sure that the ministry area is safe, engaging, and equipped to teach the word of God.
  3. Space – God has continued to bring us people and ministry opportunities, to the point that our current building is full each week. We need to be “faithful to God’s future” by adding additional space in the form of a multi-purpose wing, that could be used by the youth or other groups for ministry, worship, and Bible study.

You can Give Now

to be Faithful to God's future at Southside

Click the button below to go to and choose 'Faithful to God's Future' from the drop-down menu to give to this fund.

Prayerfully consider how you can contribute to the future of Southside. By giving, you can be faithful to God’s future, taking part in His mission, extending mercy to those in need, and creating opportunities for transformation as people come to know Christ.

Unity Pano

Thinking About the Future

One of the benefits of being a part of a historical church is that it is easy to understand that we are one link in a long chain. There have been generations and generations who have sat in the same pews, sang the same songs, and worshiped the same God as a part of Southside Church of Christ. The responsibility of one generation is to think about the next. What about the next link in the chain? What about the future leaders, future families, future children, and future ministries? What is our responsibility to the future? How can we be faithful to the future?

I am thankful that previous generations at Southside thought about the future during their time as a part of this body.

  • Church leaders thought about the future in building a grand church facility in 1959 cementing our church in the neighborhood of the Southside.
  • Church leaders thought about the future in adding a Fellowship Hall, realizing that the church would need a gathering space for fellowship, ministry, and teaching.
  • Church leaders thought about the future in committing to stay in this neighborhood, as they felt calling to this place rather than fleeing to the suburbs.
  • Church leaders thought about the future when they added a “mercy wing”, as they knew that we needed space to carryout our desire to be a church of mercy.


What about us? How are we thinking about the future? Currently, within our church, there are three realities staring us in the face as a church body:

  1. Our building is getting older and showing signs of wear, particularly in places like our restrooms and kitchen.
  2. Our building is not suitable for children.  Updates and expansions are needed for the children’s area, nursery, and attention given to the youth ministry.
  3. Our building has become too small: ministries are literally fighting over one another to use the limited space we have for service to the Kingdom. 


The elders and ministers reiterated in Vision 2.0 that we as a church are committed to the mission of ministering to our neighborhood of a 3-mile radius.  But in order to do this, attention is needed for our ministry hub – our church facility. Now is the time for our generation to think about the future. Now is the time to write the next chapter.

Now is the time to be Faithful to God’s Future!


You can Give Now

to be Faithful to God's future at Southside

Click the button below to go to and choose 'Faithful to God's Future' from the drop-down menu to give to this fund.

our Heritage and God's future

We are indebted to those who have gone before us at Southside. In 1855, the gospel came galloping by horseback into the small settlement of Fort Worth and a humble group of disciples were formed. In 1892 an early leader of the Downtown Church, Dr. I.L. Van Zandt, urged the planting of a mission church on the growing south side of Fort Worth.

•    In 1959 our present location on Hemphill was constructed
•    In the late 1970's our Fellowship Hall was added
•    In 2008 the Mercy Wing was completed to help further serve our community

Our Heritage is rich. We believe God's future for us is bright.
We are blessed to have partners in the gospel who have served and worshiped at Southside for four and five decades and beyond. They leave us with a legacy of fidelity to God's authoritative Word and faithfulness to Christ's Lordship. These long-time partners in the gospel and their families represent the Faithful Servants Legacy:

Jane and James Anthony family, Billye and Harvey Atkins family, Marilyn and Bill Baker,
Pat and Jim Barton family, Judy and Wesley Beard family, Jayne and Don Burkett family, Ellen Groves Corlee, Sheila and Fred Cowley, Kaye and Mike Cummings family, Mildred and Melvin Gardner family, Kaye and Leland Hodges, Janet and Gene Kile family, Neva and L.G. Lacy family, Glynatta and Albert Richie, Joe Turner, Carolyn and Ed Young

Southside's vision is to be a place of Mission, Mercy, and Transformation. God's Spirit is at work among us:

•    Dynamic outreach ministry to those in jails, halfway houses, and transitional homes, as well as  those who are, homeless, deaf, and Spanish-speaking
•    Teaching, mentoring, and engagement with neighborhood schools
•    Ministry to college campuses and young adults
•    Intentional discipleship ministries targeting children and teens
•    A vast global missions program and regular short-term missions to Africa, Ukraine, Ecuador and Honduras
•    Partnering with community organizations for counseling, medical assistance, food distribution and help for the abused

The Southside facility is more than a place where the church assembles to worship - it is our Ministry Hub. Yet we know that this 60-year-old hub of ministry is aging and because of constant usage many areas need refurbishing or total renovations.

Just as partners in the gospel for the past decades have been faithful in bringing the Southside congregation to this point, we too must be faithful to God's leading going forward. This is our chance to follow in the footsteps of those before us, in being Faithful to God's Future!

Old Shovel
SSCofC 125th -475

You can Give Now

to be Faithful to God's future at Southside

Click the button below to go to and choose 'Faithful to God's Future' from the drop-down menu to give to this fund.

Coin Cup

No Gift is Too Small


When thinking about the Faithful to God's Future giving, remember that no gift is too small. This is the idea behind the change cups , which can be picked up at the church building - whether someone is making a large donation, or gathering coins, we all can contribute to the future of Christ's Church at Southside, enabling the church to continue serving the community as a hub of mission, mercy, and transformation. Your offering, no matter the amount, makes a difference!


Next time you are at Southside, be sure to pick up a change cup to start gathering for the Faithful to God's Future giving.

here are some Additional thoughts about ways that you can give to this important offering:



Immediate Gifts have the benefit of being applied outright to the campaign and result in a tax deduction in the year the gift is given. Intangible assets such as cash, securities, mutual fund shares, or tangible assets such as real property, cars, valuable collections, or other physical property may be given and immediately be used by the campaign.

Commitments or Pledges are encouraged in this campaign. An “annual” or “monthly” gift in 2019 and 2020 allows the donor to spread out his or her cash gifts, while maximizing the size of the gift to Southside Church of Christ.



Committing to a deferred gift allows Southside Church of Christ to celebrate the gift now and plan for its full realization later. A deferred gift may also enable the donor to give at a greater level.

Bequests – Perhaps the most common of all deferred gifts, an outright bequest is the simplest and often the easiest way to provide for Southside’s future.  Whether through a simple Will (either a specific bequest or a percentage of the residue) or through a similar arrangement through a revocable living trust, a bequest is often the culmination of faithful support during one’s lifetime.

In Force Life Insurance – Paid up life insurance policies, for many, represent a good way to maximize their gift to the campaign.  Policies in which Southside Church of Christ is named as the owner and beneficiary can be counted at face value for the campaign, and the donor recognizes a charitable deduction equal to the premiums paid.

Life Income Plans – With a charitable remainder unitrust, you transfer cash, securities, or other property directly to the trust. Once this is done, you receive an income tax deduction and pay no capital gains tax. During its term, the trust pays a percentage of its value each year to you or to anyone you name. When the trust ends, its remaining principal passes to Southside Church of Christ.  Similarly, the Charitable Gift Annuity is funded through your gift. You or a loved one receives regular payments for as long as you live, plus an immediate tax deduction. Upon your death the remainder transfers to Southside Church of Christ.

Note:  Southside Church of Christ and its elders or ministers do not give tax or legal advice. Please contact your Tax Advisor or Attorney for full information concerning this or any charitable giving laws and updates.

Day of Hope 2016-59

You can Give Now

to be Faithful to God's future at Southside

Click the button below to go to and choose 'Faithful to God's Future' from the drop-down menu to give to this fund.