Every Person Sent

Part of the mission at Southside is that we believe that every one of us has a part to play in the mission of the Kingdom. We all have unique gifts, circumstances, and a calling that help in the furthering of God’s Kingdom. How we live out that calling is up to us as we respond to the leading of the Holy Spirit. Every person at Southside has that ability, but my mind is on one group of people at our church who are preparing to be sent out into the world: our graduating seniors. I know the seniors and their families were extremely appreciative of the love and support that was shown to them by the Southside family. As it was my first Senior Sunday at Southside, I was impressed with how many of our Southside partners were there to love and support our graduates.

And now, as the dust settles from that celebration, we have a new mission and purpose for our graduating seniors: to impress upon them the mission of God and to send them to answer that call as they go out into the world. This is perhaps the most important mission we have as our graduating seniors prepare for life away from home. We send them out, not to live a comfortable Christian life, but to bring the Kingdom of God into wherever they go.

This of course is a reminder for us as well. We do not have to be vocational missionaries or ministers to carry the cross and bring the message of Jesus into the world. Every person sent means that each of us are doing our part to bring that message to the lost. So, what are our action steps?

1. For our graduating seniors, remember that included with your collegiate studies, is a calling by God to spread the Kingdom of God wherever you go.

2. For us, we are to remember that same calling that God has given to us in our daily lives, and to impress that calling to our graduating seniors.

3. Love God, love others.

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