Evangelism Shouldn’t Be Exceptional

Each Monday, the ministry staff begins our weekly meeting by sharing where we have seen God at work lately. This is a good practice, and I recommend doing it with a group of spiritual friends in your life.

Over the last couple of weeks, I shared about two college students. One TCU student, Hailey Campbell, has taken seriously the charge to share her faith with others and the charge to lead a Life Group on campus. Hailey began to tell her friends about the Life Group she would be starting, and one-by-one, they started to join her. Her group grew from one person, to three, to five, to seven. Now every Tuesday, five to seven girls are meeting on campus to study through the gospel of Mark, because Hailey followed a calling to lead this group and tell others.

One TXWES student, Javier Careaga, has helped get a Life Group started at TXWES. This group started with four members, then Javy invited his roommate, others invited friends, and the group has basically doubled in size. But Javy did something particularly noteworthy: When a friend expressed interest in joining the group, but realized he had a scheduling conflict, Javy just decided to meet one-on-one with that friend to cover the content he was missing.

Stories like these really do remind me that God is working through college students to engage their campuses and encourage others to encounter God. But I am of two minds about this, because the excitement of these stories reveals something that is lacking...

During our meeting, John Scott pointed out that, while everyone was so excited and encouraged by this, it was strange that we would be so moved by Christians doing just exactly what Christians ought to be doing.

He made a good point. Shouldn’t it be natural that we would share our faith with those around us?

Truth is, we “evangelize” all the time - we share how much we love our favorite movie, TV show, or podcast; we explain why we work in a certain field or career; we encourage others to try the food at a great restaurant; we talk about the great work of a non-profit we have worked with... What if we were so inclined to brag on God that it became normal, rather than exceptional?

I think of Jesus’s parable in Luke 17, in which He points out that a master doesn’t thank their servant for merely doing their duty; after all, it is just a baseline expectation. Jesus charges His followers to go and make disciples, but sometimes we treat that like an exception, not like the norm. Have we made our “duty” into something grandiose?

This week, try this: Consider what the gospel means to you, why you have chosen to follow Jesus, what God has rescued you from, or why you want to give your time, energy, and money to Christ’s church - and just like you would share about your favorite movie, book, or restaurant, share that with someone else in your world. Let’s make it more normal to identify with Christ and invite others into our faith.

Want to develop your everyday evangelism skills? Try practicing these three habits:

Pray, Care, Share

Pray for God to open doors, show you opportunities, and lead you to people where you can share the gospel. This is a prayer God wants to answer! Start each day with a prayer for open doors and see what God does.

Care for the people you are led to. Plan intentionally to spend time with them. Schedule time to be around non-Christians so that you can bear witness to the love of God through Jesus.

Share your faith with others. Identify with Christ, talk about what the church is doing, about answered prayers, or about something you've learned recently. If you love God, just be your authentic self and keep your eyes open to chances for the conversation to take on a spiritual nature.

Try to practice Pray, Care, Share this week.

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