Easter Reunion

I remember last Easter. I felt the excitement and joy of preaching on the resurrection but it was very different. No one was in the building hardly. The pews were empty. I could hardly tell anyone was celebrating the risen Christ except through text messages and Facebook comments that I read after. It felt weird. But this year, it is different. While the pandemic is still active, the end is in sight. With vaccinations growing every day, there is an optimism in the air and a spirit of renewal that is within our soul. Now, we have an opportunity to gather in a low-risk way together.

I have always loved Easter. The story of the resurrection, the weather of Spring, and the joy in people’s faces have always brought me hope. That hope is not just in the changing seasons: it is the hope found in the resurrection power of Jesus. The belief that the power which raised Christ can also raise me and I can experience transformation. No matter what darkness, what temptation, what valley that I have been in, Easter reminds me the living power of Jesus is still alive and new creation is available. I am happy to celebrate it this year, not with empty pews, but a full parking lot.

I hope you are making plans to come to in-person worship on Easter, April 4. We will meet in the South Parking lot, where we can spread out, still masked, and worship the Lord. While the service will be live-streamed, I would encourage you, if you are able, to come and join us.

We have missed seeing everyone. We need one another – in the flesh! This is a low-risk opportunity to regather, reunite, and renew. Below is the schedule of all of the activities for Sunday. I hope you can stay for all of them. It will be a great reunion and a wonderful chance to celebrate Easter together. I hope to see you then!


9:00  Coffee and Pastries

9:30  Worship

10:45 Break to Pick Up Lunches

11:00 LTC Showcase

11:30 Easter Egg Hunt/Pictures with Easter Bunny

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