Details About ReGathering

Try as we might, there's no way to cover every single detail or answer every single question about ReGathering. Amid concerns about spiritual and physical wellness, construction projects in the building, and the logistical stresses of getting the church back under one roof (or no roof, if you're going to the Outdoor Service) during a pandemic, there is a lot to cover. So we aren't going to get it all perfect, but we can address several details. Here are some of the frequently asked questions we've heard:

  • Didn't I already make a reservation? Do I have to do it again? Reservations opened for the first time on Monday, October 5 - if you didn't make a reservation through Eventbrite on or after October 5, then you do not have a reservation for in-person worship services. In mid-September, we sent a Google Form survey to gauge how many partners were prepared to gather in person and which service options they would choose - this was only an informational survey, not a reservation.
  • Do I have to make a reservation every week? Yes. Each week, the reservation window will open on Monday at 9:30am and close on Thursday at Noon - during this window, you can make reservations on Eventbrite for the following Sunday. For example, from Monday, October 19 at 9:30am until Thursday, October 22 at 12pm, reservations can be made for Sunday, October 25th.
  • How will I know my reservation is secured? You will receive an email confirmation from Eventbrite at the email address you used to register. If you are unsure, you can call the church office to confirm or get help.
  • What if the service I want to attend is full and no more reservations are available? If your preferred service is full, you have three options: 1) You can join the waitlist, and we will notify you if a spot becomes available, 2) You can select a different service option, or 3) You can watch from home on Facebook Live. The live stream will continue to be offered as a permanent supplement to our in-person services.
  • What if I made a reservation and then I can't attend? If you make a reservation, but find yourself unable to attend that Sunday, please call the church office during business hours or email the bulletin email address to let us know so we can cancel your reservation and allow someone else to take the spot.
  • Do I really have to wear a mask? Yes, we are requiring all attendees at all in-person services to wear masks throughout the service, particularly while singing. This may feel weird, but we will all adjust, and this frees us to praise God together. Other safety requirements include sanitizing hands (sanitizer stations will be available), practicing physical distancing, and self-evaluating for symptoms (please do not attend in-person services if you are sick).
  • How are you going to maintain physical distancing? We will have ushers helping families and individuals to their seats, and two pews will remain empty between those in which people are seated. Once seated, we ask that you refrain from getting up to move around the space and visit with others. Additionally, ushers will begin dismissing people during the closing song and encouraging fellowship time outdoors. We know you want to see and visit with one another, so we want to accommodate this in the safest way we can.


Those are the main types of questions we have been receiving, so hopefully, this clarifies some of those things. Again, we recognize that we can not execute this perfectly, and thankfully, we are not called to perfection. We do our part the best we can, and there is grace when we fail or when things fall between the cracks. And if God shows grace to us, how much more should we show grace to others? This adventure of ReGathering will stretch us and reveal many opportunities to practice fruit of the Spirit.

If you have other questions, need more information, or need assistance navigating the reservation process, please call the church office during business hours (8:30am-4:30pm Mon-Thurs).

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