Creative Engagement in Community

Christian writer John Westerhoff made a list of why there seems to be a split between our religious life and our daily lives.  He has noticed that the daily life of many church attenders is not affected by what we do at church.  And while he lists several reasons why this is so, at the top of the list is that “people come to church to escape life’s problems rather than to be engaged and transformed to face them creatively.” The mindset is that it is hard enough out there in the world, can we just pretend those problems aren’t there for a couple hours on Sunday morning.  We don’t want to do that.  We know that God has given us one another to help us carry our burdens.  That  certainly means we support and encourage but it also means that church is where we come and ask the radical question, “what does the gospel have to say about my problem?”  “What unique perspective could the Kingdom values of Jesus say about how to deal with my problems?”  That is a part of the vision behind our new midweek.  We want to creatively engage some of the struggles that are common amongst us.

My son or daughter whom I love has left the church and is not pursuing God.  How can God grow my trust in him as I pray for and encourage my child?

I have lost a loved one.  I am grieving.  Where is God when life hurts so very much?  How is God working even in the midst of my loss?

I don’t know how to share my faith.  Can I be equipped so that I can finally have the confidence to tell my friend about Jesus?

I have been too self-focused.  I need to serve others to be reminded life is not all about me.  Can I find blessing in loving and serving others?

We hope that you are praying about how you will engage in mid-week.  Our desire is that each person will be involved in a small group and will choose one of our mid-week opportunities to engage.  God does not want us to hide from our problems and challenges.  He wants us to bring them to Him and let Him give us wisdom for how to live in the midst of difficult situations.