Bridging the Gap

Being a healing presence in the heart of the city requires three postures of its city dwellers. The first is a posture of love. Love is the greatest commandment, it is one of the more difficult fruits to practice, and it is essential for any environment where healing is going to take place. The second posture is assurance. People need to know that they are in a safe community. When people feel safe they are more likely to be vulnerable, and vulnerability is where transformation starts to occur. The third and final posture is humility. A community that exercises humility is one that cares about the end result: healing. That means, its inhabitants care more about who the right person is, than trying to play a role
God did not design them for.

God designed every one of us with this in mind: That we would be loving and safe for others. These postures are true for each of us. But the third posture comes from a place of being informed. Too many well-meaning Christians have caused more harm than good by pretending their Christ-card makes them an expert. If we are walking with Christ, His Spirit can fill us with fruit that we cannot manufacture on our own, but it does not make a cook a rocket scientist or a gymnast a health-care professional. As Paul says, “the body is made of many parts….the foot is not the arm.” That does not make us complacent in the healing process.

In addiction, community is an essential part of the recovery process. Addicts need people who are safe and loving. They also need people who are informed. We all play a part in the process of healing, but if we do not exercise all three postures, we may be a harmful presence and not a healing one.

Let’s be a healing presence. Let’s close the gap between the recovery culture and the church culture!

There’s a need for a bridge of understanding and education to be built. This construct  ensures that love, respect, and humility can unite two cultures in a God-glorifying way. Join the movement to learn how to be a part of Recovery AND Christianity. Together, we can break down the barriers that make this bridge incomplete, for God’s glory!

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