Something Historic is Coming Soon!

A little more than a month away is the 40th Annual National Crusade for Christ. I hope you are making plans to be part of this unique effort. The Crusade is a special evangelistic and unity effort that is happening here in Fort Worth on June 23-28. Historically, this has been hosted by predominately African-American...

An Encouraging Word

From 606 - 536 BC the children of Israel were removed from their homeland and deported to foreign soils. They spent seventy years in captivity. Prior to these events, God warned His children to turn from their wicked ways, to keep His commandments, and to follow Him. However, they did not listen. 
In Nehemiah chapter eight, the...

THE WELL – Spring 2019 Class Audio

Broken Vessels: When Old Testament Lives Teach Gospel Truth | Mark Baur

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Money, Sex, and Paul | Steve Cloer

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Waiting for a Better Country: A Study of HebrewsBekah Vickers & Lindsey Garner

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Going the Wrong Way

At 5:17am on the morning of July 17, 1938 a 31 year old novice pilot set out to fly from NYC to Long Beach, California. Loading his plane with 320 gallons of fuel and a large supply of Fig Newtons, he taxied down the fog shrouded runway. He turned his plane -- eastward -- as the...