Battling Anxiety

The unprecedented events of the spring of 2020 have all of us tangled up on the inside as we battle the tsunami waves of worries.

Our tomorrows are filled with uncertainties and questions. Here are TWO THOUGHTS that might help:


Psychologists talk about the simple practice of going on a walk without headphones - just engaging your five senses as you experience the moment. Or the practice of deep breathing and being aware of your breath when you are trying to go to sleep. It’s a way of connecting into our present reality instead of allowing the creations of our minds (fears/worries/anxieties) to sweep us away.

Christ taught the same truth and took it a step beyond. The Master taught His followers in Matthew 6 to battle anxiety by controlling our focus, our thoughts. We combat the fantasies we create in our imaginations by reminding ourselves of Christian realities. We could call this “Christian mindfulness.”


On a deeper level still, realize that Someone has “got you.” The 2016 movie Hacksaw Ridge tells the true story of Desmond Doss. Doss was the WW2 medic who was awarded the Medal of Honor for intrepidity on Okinawa, having never fired a weapon. On the battlefield he was relentless in helping wounded soldiers moving amongst them whispering the prayer” Oh Lord, let me save just one more….” Doss was credited with saving 75 lives in one of the bloodiest battles of WW2.

As he treated the wounded soldiers he would reassure them with “I’VE GOT YOU, I’VE GOT YOU.”

We have that same reassurance from Above as we encounter the traumas of life - The Divine “I’VE GOT YOU.”

Living fully in the present moment, not erecting sandcastles of worries and fears, with our feet on the Solid Rock of the Divine Reassurance, “I’VE GOT YOU,” we greet each new day with a calm heart and unfurrowed brow.

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