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Small Groups at Southside

There are five main areas of my ministry as Discipleship Minister: 1) Small Groups: where we as a church family, share life in community 2) Adult Education: our Sunday AM and Wednesday PM classes and groups 3) Soul Care: targeted discipleship groups and classes to bring healing to sin and pain 4) Special Discipleship Events: Seminars, Spiritual Discipline Retreats,...

Citizens of Another Kingdom

The most popular Bible app is YouVersion. It’s possible you have it on your phone - the brown Bible icon with the words “Holy Bible” on it. In 2019, users read over 40 billion chapters on the app and the verse that was most shared, highlighted, and bookmarked was Philippians 4:6: “Do not be anxious...

2300 Hours of Worship

Halloween is over. That means it’s time to get ready for Christmas! I know some of you might not be ready for that - some of you are going to wait until after Thanksgiving, but not me. I have my Christmas playlist queued up and there’s a good chance I will watch Elf before the...

Spiritual Growth Opportunities

Growing disciples is important to us at Southside. We want to do more than make converts, we want to join God in making passionate followers of Jesus. So I want to tell you about three offerings that are coming up and invite you to participate:

Finding Your Place

This Sunday...

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