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Southside’s Stories | Jim & Susan Thompson

Meet the Thompsons!

Jim and Susan Thompson are a couple of our “Pandemic Partners.”  They joined us officially in the early summer of 2020, but their history with Southside started many years ago.  Their son Spencer attended and played football at TCU.  He was one of the...

Creative Engagement in Community

Christian writer John Westerhoff, made a list of why there seems to be a split between our religious life and our daily lives.  He has noticed that the daily life of many church attenders is not affected by what we do at church.  And while he lists several reasons why this is so, at the...

Time After Time

At the cross we see the fullness of God’s love and grace.  We see just how far God is willing to go to show us that He loves us.  He became a person and was killed by sinful men in a sinful system. But grace did not begin at the cross.  God has been gracious since...

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